We're a small brand with a big vision. We want to work towards that vision responsibly & from the beginning we have embedded sustainability practices into our business.

We want to recognise upfront that we're not perfect. Being small, our buying power and influence is also small. This means where there are areas that the industry is still struggling to tackle from a sustainability perspective, we may also struggle.

However, our commitment is that where there is a viable sustainable option we will take it. Where there is not we will be working with suppliers and the industry to be part of the solution & we will let you know how we're doing this.

Despite these challenges, we’re still proud of where we are in our sustainability journey and the conscious decisions we’re making and upholding every day. These include:

Sustainability highlights:

  • Our supply chain is entirely UK & EU based
  • All our product ingredients are responsibly sourced
  • All our products are vegan and cruelty free
  • Our massage gel & lube has been certified by the BDiH as 100% natural according to the “Natural Product Standard”
  • We work with Dodo to offset our emissions
  • Our lube has an innovative 'mono-pump' allowing it to be fully recyclable at home
  • Our labels and bottles are fully recyclable at home
  • All outer packaging including boxes, tissue paper & labels are eco friendly and fully recyclable at home
  • The only element of our product packaging at the moment that is not recyclable is the atomiser spray top for our pillow sprays, this is an industry challenge and we are seeking an alternative solution. If you believe you have one, give us an email at: team@hellolifted.com

  • The innovative mono-pump making full recycling possible!

    Pumps are generally difficult to recycle as they incorporate parts made of different plastics and materials. Our innovative mono-pumps change the game, by incorporating only one plastic type they can be fully recycled at home.

  • Ecologi partnership

    We calculate our emissions and offset these with Ecologi. This currently includes our scope 1 (those we directly cause) & scope 2 (those we cause indirectly), so all shipping of our products and ingredients to our main office, final production elements on site and then shipping to you the customer. We're working with our supply chain to collect the data that will allow us to expand to scope 3 emissions.

  • Recyclable packaging!

    We have worked with eco-friendly suppliers to source sustainable packaging that can be recycled, including all of the below:

    • All bottles
    • All labels & stickers
    • All boxes
    • All tissue paper
    • Lube mono pump

    Current recycling challenge: atomiser spray for pillow spray, let us know if you can help! team@hellolifted.com


What's the big vision?

Our vision is to make mental wellbeing support understandable, accessible & irresistible for all

What are your sustainability commitments for 2024?

For Year 1:

  • Sustainability is a key element in our product design process, at all points from idea generation to delivery, sustainability will be a core consideration in our product lines.
  • Where there is a viable sustainable option available for all elements of our offering from product to packaging we will always seek to use this. Where there is not we will work to be part of the solution and share with you how we are doing this. We will not create products where we see there to be an outweighed balance of negatives to positives and we will share with you our decision making process on this.
  • We will work with our partners at Ecologi to offset our emissions and zero our impact.
  • A specific 2024 challenge is working with suppliers to source / support development of a sustainable atomiser spray.
  • Another industry wide challenge is enhancing supply chain transparency. We seek to build on our existing strong relationships within our supply chain to drive even greater transparency, allowing us to produce even more accurate reporting, offsetting and refining of processes.

When will you update commitments and share progress?

November 2024 will be when we share our first update report, feel free to drop us an email if you have questions in the meantime