Boosting your overall well-being in 5 minutes | The power of pilates with @MoveWithMollie

Boosting your overall well-being in 5 minutes | The power of pilates with @MoveWithMollie

If you’re looking for a way to boost your mood, reduce stress or chronic pain, increase strength and tone, or improve your memory, Pilates might be the exercise for you. It ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to improving your overall well-being as it seamlessly weaves together the physical, mental, and emotional.

Amongst other things, studies have shown that Pilates can lead to better sleep, improve your sex life and boost your immunity. Sounds good to us!

With all that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Move With Mollie, a super Pilates instructor to get her top tips on getting the most out of a Pilates practice and her favourite exercises for improving overall wellbeing.

Mollie’s tips on getting the most out of your practice:

Pilates found me at a low point in 2020 during the pandemic. I was looking for ways to keep my mind occupied and my body moving, and after trying lots of different (and questionable!) YouTube workouts I rediscovered Pilates; it helped bring me back to myself. It took me a while to get into a flow of regular practice and to figure out what felt good for me; now as a fully qualified Pilates instructor, I love being able to share the magic of regular Pilates practice with others! So here are my top 3 tips on getting the most out of your Pilates practice...

1. Quality Over Quantity

Pilates is all about controlled and precise movements, so rather than rushing through each exercise to get in as many reps as possible, take your time focusing on proper form and alignment. You will feel the benefits and see results much quicker! I often say to new members that Pilates is the best way for people to get to know their bodies, when you move with intention you learn so much more about yourself than when you just ‘go through the motions’. A quote I love to sum this up is from Joseph Pilates himself: “A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion”

2. Be Where Your Mat Is

Whether you’re joining a group class or trying Pilates at home, it’s important to be where your mat is. Pilates is not just a physical workout; it’s a mind-body practice that gives us the opportunity to take time out of our fast-paced world and focus solely on ourselves. So next time you’re in the middle of a Shoulder Bridge and your mind starts to wander onto your dinner plans or tomorrow’s to-do list, bring the focus back to your breath and back to your mat. By being where your mat is, you create a space for you to fully ground yourself in the moment.

3. Listen To Your Body

Your body is your best guide in Pilates, and you know your body best, so if something doesn't feel right... don't force it! The beauty of Pilates is that it can be so accessible and easily modified to meet you where you’re at, no matter your experience, ability or how you might be feeling on any given day. A good instructor will always offer adaptations, but don’t be afraid to ask! We are there to guide you through your class and to help you get the most out of your practice. It’s important to remember too that progress isn’t linear; some days you might smash a fiery core sequence without breaking a sweat, and others the hardest part of a class might be just getting in the studio. If you give what you can on days you don’t feel 100%, then you are still giving 100%. Consistency is key, be kind to yourself!

Mollie’s favourite exercises for your wellbeing:

There are so many Pilates exercises I love for keeping tension at bay and maintaining balance, both physically and mentally. Here are my favourite exercises you can try in a 5 minute calming flow to release any tension that might be holding you back from feeling your best in body and mind!


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